University grade systems in the world

Systems of grading in the world, although it has the same aim, are not equal. This causes the scales are wrong and ratings practices are not properly understood in other countries. In view of the problems that this may cause to Latin American students who study abroad, tries to shed some light on this issue as important and little discussed.

GPA Grade Scale
The world of academic mobility is crowded with examples of students who have not been accepted in certain universities because, according to gpa calculator, the system of heating of the institution, its notes were not the best, although the country of origin the grades obtained are considered outstanding.

In the majority of cases, the lack of information is the root of the confusion and conflict. Therefore, many universities recommend to always have on hand a supplement of diploma that explain the rating system used with their equivalents in other systems of the world.

In the United States and the United Kingdom maximum gpa ratings are granted very often, because the vision of the two countries declared that the ratings are a kind of prize for those that have worked to obtain the best possible rating. As you might expect, this practice has not only led that sometimes is to the students, but also other countries perceive this way to qualify the student work as inflated, so remaining a little value. In Holland and Spain, for example, history is another.

The Dutch rating system goes back to the 19TH century, period in which spread its creation. For those then already has had conceived a table of annotations of 1 to 10, but never granted the maximum score because it was a symbolism of perfection, and perfection only belonged to the Christian God, so qualify someone with a 10 went in an act of blasphemy. Although we are already in the past, still in the Netherlands the practice of withholding 10, remains so it is an isolated case that in which a student receives such qualification.

The British notes system
Contrary to many countries in which the higher rating is 10 (Spain) or 100 (United States), in the United Kingdom the maximum grade is 7. This means a culture shock for many foreign students, regardless of the system used in their countries, insurance the first time they see a 6 as a qualification in a task or test, are confused and could up to despair.

Graduate students who graduate with 7 receive a degree with distinction, while those who achieve a note between 6 and 6.9 receive a degree with merit.